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Toni Costanzi

Becoming a fast riser in the industry, Toni Costanzi proved himself to be a skillful and extremely successful artist, emphasized even greater with his position in Beatport Top 100 Charts. As someone who loves producing, it’s no surprise that this talented producer went big for his latest track.

Known as one of the most promising artists in the Italian music world, Toni Costanzi is no stranger to fame and success. He confirmed his incredible moment of ascent with his latest track “Lies”, also in the world Beatport chart.

Packed to the brim with addictive synths and rhythm that will make you want to dance no matter where you are, this track has all the right ingredients to be cooked up into a hit. Managing to mash up all three styles together effortlessly whilst still maintaining and separating all three individual sounds isn’t an easy feat, Toni manage to do just that expertly and deliver on creating a high-energy, upbeat track perfect for festivals.

What will it have in store for us in the future? We’ll see. The certainty is that at the moment he really seems to have found great inspiration and that he won’t stop here.

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