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Promoted Post BannerMany of you are familiar with her angelic voice, as she has collaborated with numerous outstanding DJs and producers across various genres. She has consistently been praised for her exquisite voice and the energy she brings to live performances. There’s an ongoing discussion about the way she intricately shapes tracks, achieving perfect harmony.

But what some of you may not have realized yet is that Natalie Gioia is not only a singer but also a composer, songwriter, and producer of her music. There is no doubt that each track features her vocals and carefully crafted lyrics. When an artist possesses such a range of talents, the process of bringing everything together into a song becomes more seamless, resulting in a truly beautiful composition. And it is hard to describe how easily you can get lost in her music and transported to some other realm.

Recently, she achieved a similar reaction and success with “Till The Sun Is Up High.” In her new song, Natalie decided to ease the trance tempo, infusing the music with heartwarming lyrics, groovy melodies, and hopeful emotions. “Your Love Is My Compass” illustrates how wonderful it can be with someone by your side to guide you through the most challenging times. We are sure that listening to this work of art will lead you to a place of comfort and safety. “Your Love Is My Compass” is now accessible on all streaming platforms:

your love is my compass


01. Natalie Gioia – Your Love Is My Compass (Original Mix)
02. Natalie Gioia – Your Love Is My Compass (Extended Mix)


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