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INSOMNIFIED, the label headed by MAGNETIE and distributed through BLACK HOLE RECORDINGS has success with its newest release ‘Revelation’ by Lael Bellotti, Joshua Harnois and talented trance producer Alex Larichev. The fat eletro-trance track hits hard with the bassline and catchy melody that will be sure to get stuck in your head.

The three producers behind ‘Revelation’ show a track record to be reckoned with. Russian producer Alex Larichev’s music was supported in DJ sets and radio-shows by the top dons in the game, including Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Tiesto, Dash Berlin, Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, W&W, Arty, Bobina, DJ Feel, Tritonal, Paul Oakenfold and many more. TIME FOR AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH THE GUYS!!

You are from Russia and the USA. How did you initially team up together?

Lael Belotti: “We initially teamed up when the owner of Insominified Music asked Alex for a remix of Revelation. He said he liked the original a lot and would prefer to add his own flare to the track. So I sent alex the parts, and he helped take it to another level.”

Alex Larichev: Well, first thanks for asking me for interview 🙂 That’s actually my first time! We teamed up by an invitation of Insomnified manager. Just one mail with demo – and I felt that I want to work on collaboration with the guys!” 

How did the production work on this release take place? Was it over the internet or did you actually meet up?

Lael Belotti: “Alex is in Russia, so we had to do the collaboration online. I started out by sending Alex all the Wav files and midi and waited to see what he came up with. He reworked some of the synths and drums, then added the extra depth the lead needed to make it more interesting and energetic. Then I took his updates, chopped some things, did a little added mixing in my studio and sent it for mastering. “

Alex Larichev: Yep, by internet for sure! 🙂 We are using different DAW’s, so we used Dropbox to send stems for each other.” 

The most proud moment of your career so far?

Lael Belotti: “I would have to say that this point in time is the most proud moment of my career being able to work with an awesome producer like Alex and having our track featured by EDM network and being released on a great new label. “

Alex Larichev: “There is nothing to be proud at the moment, I’ve just began my way!:)” 

What are the touring plans for the coming months?

Lael Belotti: “I don’t have any touring plans yet, but I’m confident that will change soon.”

Alex Larichev: “There are no tours at the moment, I’m just getting fired from my job and starting to get all my free time in studio for future productions ! My plan for 2014-2015 is working hard on new tracks and getting my own sound. It’s really important nowadays!” 

Name the best place to party in Russia, and the best place to party in DC.

Lael Belotti: “I think that the best place to party in DC right now is Phonic. They are bringing in awesome trance artists every week and add an extra dimension to DC’s music scene that it definitely needed. “

Alex Larichev: “Definitely It’s new club – Space Moscow. Lots of great parties over there!” 

Which DJ is your biggest inspiration?

Lael Belotti: “My biggest inspiration is Tritonal. All around there isn’t anyone to me that really compares to the quality of their sound. Their live shows are really fun and they have a crazy energy to them. Their productions in my opinion are some of the best out there, so intricate, detailed, energetic and catchy. “

Alex Larichev: “I’m huge fan of Axwell and Arty :)” 

Which style of dance music outside your own genre do you really like and why?

Lael Belotti: “The style outside my own genre that I like is trap. I love the beats style and I’m thinking of adding some trap to my own trance productions in the future.”

Alex Larichev: “It’s tech house, loving those grooves !” 

What do you do to be your best and to maintain your best?

Lael Belotti: “To be by best is just when I’m in focus mode, am getting things done and am clear headed. To maintain that I need to just get sleep, eat right and workout. All this things routinely together get me in the right mindset I need.”

Alex Larichev: “Work hard and never give up!” 

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Lael Belotti: Nothing left to mention but that more tracks are on their way and I’m excited for the future!” 

Alex Larichev: “No, thanks for this! And sorry for my English, I tried to do my best ! 🙂” 




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