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Dirty Lazrs www.dancemusicpr.com


“2K edit pack” is geared specifically towards DJ’s. All of the edits in the 2k edit pack were made within the last three months. The edits were made for specific shows the duo was performing at in the Las VegasHard Rock Cafe. The edits were sitting in their private collection so they decided once they reach 2,000 likes on Facebook they would give them away for free to thank their fans for all their support

Dirty Lazrs was formed when two friends “Chris Johnson” & “Nayibe Paredes” were not satisfied with the nine to five jobs they were working. They both wanted more, so every day after work they starting learning how to produce, and soon after bought their own DJ equipment. “We felt like doing this because of the feeling you get when you are on a stage getting ready to play. People are gathered together, just waiting for you to start the journey of forgetting everything and feeling connected through the music, the lights, and the vibes that others are emitting off each other. We want to make people happy, and forget what happened the day before. That is our passion.”

For more information on Dirty Lazrs, contact:

Andrew Lazar +1 (707) 419-1294 ,






Music Software Bundles from Pluginboutique.com

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