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Marshmello posted a picture to social media that made his fans worry.

Did Marshmello break his arm?

The picture shows Marshmello in a cast for his arm looking all sad.

One of his fans on the page, Phil Fedor, had good advice: “Snowboarding is not good with Mask bro.

Others added their well wishes to the artist:

Zack Monniger: “Hope you get better soon I’m going to my first concert ever when you come to Philadelphia heal up and keep doing what you do.

Snowboarding is not good with Mask bro.

Other than the sad news of Marshmello breaking his arm, it’s probably a good idea to see what Dot Com is up to…

Did he break his arm at the same time?

Did he also go snowboarding?

This may or may not confirm some conspiracy theories about the true identity of Marshmello, whom some claim to be really Dot Com.

Well we hope Marshmello gets better soon so he can continue his busy tour schedule.

Also check out the song he released with Lil Peep (r.i.p.)

You can get it here:


Marshmello on Facebook

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