Robert F. X .Sillerman ID&T Hammarica PR
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Robert F. X .Sillerman ID&T Hammarica PR


EDM is one of the fastest growing youth phenomenons in the USA as of late. Countless of mega events already take place. American DJ Skrillex is among the most popular DJs worldwide and EDM has surely left his mark on pop music.

Billionaire Robert F.X. Sillerman now has expressed interest to buy dance promoter ID&T, known for such iconic events as Sensation, Mysteryland and Tomorrowland which are produced globally.

Billionaire Sillerman

Sillerman is the founder of what is known now as Live Nation. In the 90’s he bought up several local promotion companies to form SFX. Later on SFX changed its name to Live Nation and Sillerman sold it to Clearchannel Communications.

Now, since dance music took over, he wants to launch a ‘new’ Live Nation specifically dedicated to the EDM movement.The new company is called SFX Entertainment and is in talks with about 50 promotion companies one of which has already been acquired.

ID&T has confirmed Sillerman’s interest and looks into a way of cooperation. For the New York edition of Sensation, ID&T works together with Sillerman’s former company Live Nation.

Live Nation earlier announced to launch a branch specifically targeted to EDM. They acquired Cream and its founder to head their electronic department.

Robert F. X .Sillerman ID&T Hammarica PR



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