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Jason Harlowe aka DJ HARLO is about to release new trap minded material on Mixed Heritage Studios/Ferrrara Multimedia. Expect the tracks STEP UP (title track), Cinemalife and Steve Rock Tribute. Inventive sound design is combined with clever sampling while retaining a peak time party vibe to the overall sound. DJ HARLO is part of the ZONKEDOUT artist collective & family and is currently on tour as a DJ for Jay Tablet as well as Cloaked Characters. Harlo performs both with bands as well as a solo Electronic DJ. We caught up with him for an introductionary interview!

You are on tour with A Plus and Jay Tablet. How’s the synergy so far and describe how life on the road is for you.

The synergy is great, we are all forward thinkers when it comes to our music styles so we mesh well. traveling with a legend like A Plus is a rare honor. been trying to soak up the experience.
You are a man of many styles. Do you prefer it when you can play many style sin one set?
I do enjoy the freedom & expression of spinning multiple styles. that was the fundamental role if the DJ, these days some of that seems to have gotten lost in the mix (all puns intended, ha ha). lots of folks seem to think that you have to pin yourself to “one” style. my experience from the Stage to Clubs, Electronic events to House Parties has shown me that the listeners enjoy the flexible style DJ.
Share a production trick
Rewiring Reason to Ableton and using reason as a software instrument, this way I can use all the “cool” plugins in Ableton with Reason’s awesome rack instruments. neat part is you can have multiple Ableton tracks assigned to & record from one “instrument” in Reason. we all know Ableton is quick and easy with its arrangement view. reason has come along way with its instrument racks and processing. why limit ones self to one tool?
Your favorite video on Youtube?
A toss up between Ylvis – The Cabin & the Zonked out video remix of that crazy boat crash on the ozarks lake.
What’s your ultimate ambition?
To help bridge the gaps between genres of music, shed the “ego image” and aid in progression of my community, I want to leave something behind to inspire others. playing in ibiza would be nice as well.. hint* hint*. :p
We should be on the look out for a few new tracks right? Tell us a bit more about your Step Up release.
Indeed,I am pushing hard on the production front, I don’t take the typical approaches to track creation as most. I like to do my own thing and just create, free myself from the “rules” we are given but keep true to the traditions of music and expression. Trap is trending hard right now so the Step Up release is geared to keep with that trend but also step out from the norm on the formatting and imagery.
You are from Oregon. What’s the scene like there?
Indeed I am nestled in the great Northwest, the scene is always in flux here which creates the need to be ever evolving and adaptable each time the wave rises. we could still work on the unity and acceptance part a tad as there is still a lack of openness to the new or up and comers to the scene. with that said, it’s still one of the best music scenes out there. full of creative and passionate folks always trying to push the envelope of discovery with their art. the energy here really supports and adds to that. no place on earth like it”
Is there anything else you would like to mention?
Would love to send shout outs to the SMS & Stilldream crews who were pivotal in helping me shape my journey for which I am ever grateful, to the Zonked out family for taking me in when no one else would, here is to many more amazing years of growth beyond reason. and of course to my soul mate Stephanie, thank you for being the light in my hour of darkness and for always inspiring me to grow with your strength and support. to the fans I say thank you for being a driving force behind the weirdness that is the Harlo journey. Music Brings Life!”

Upcoming Tour Dates:

May 10 – Boulder UT/ Boulder Mountain Ranch

May 16 – Bend OR / DOJO

May 17 – Corvallis OR / Cloud & Kelly’s


Press/Media Inquiries:
Hammarica.com / Wilf Libgott
t. +1-657-DEEJAYS





Music Software Bundles from Pluginboutique.com

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