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Medium Troy Hammarica PR

Medium Troy Surprise @ HempFest!!

So walking along with everyone else at the 4:20 rush on Saturday, August 18 2012 at Seattle HempFest – I quickly found myself complaining at the lack of “bass in my face” at Hempfest.

Finally I rounded the corner to the dance tent and found to my pleasant surprise non-other than “Medium Troy”(Eugene, OR) doing a live set. I ran in dancing and raging like everyone else. I watched their entire set which I would estimate was an hr to maybe two – I did walk out of the tent a few times 😉 ..


However the bass wobbles and old school vinyl being spun in the “dance tent” kept calling me back inside.
First introduced to “Medium Troy” through a remix done by a previously reviewed artist; Golden Toast ( I can officially say I am a now a die-heard fan.
Their live show was interactive and fun, as well as musically and technically amazing. Not only did the guys speak to us – the crowd – but they’ve also already responded with a “thank you” note to my FaceBook message letting them how how great of a job they did this year.

Down to earth and as encouraging as they are talented “Medium Troy” without a doubt made my year at Seattle HempFest 2012.




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