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By KATE O’CONNELL — A few weeks back after a super late night of raging, I was at home winding down, cruising YouTube for new music and decided to look up DJ Mia Moretti. I came across a video of her and another girl, an electric violinist Caitlin Moe, playing a live set together at what appeared to be some sort of wedding or out door party. The clip was of the two of them doing their version of “Digital Love” by Daft Punk. It literally blew me away. Not only were they both beautiful blondes (always a plus) and wickedly talented but they were a blast to watch. You could tell they were both having a great time, loved playing together, and have really fun spunky personalities.

It made the remix that much more exciting!

I think I might have replayed that same video at least fifteen times before I started to hunt for others. There were other videos of them at other venues and locations doing “Digital Love” and then I came across one from Vimeo that the girls had made themselves. It was kind of a music video to a mix of theirs, shot all in black and white and totally once again shows off their fun and infectious personalities.

The Dolls’ mixes are always amazing and they seem to prefer female artists, creating a sort of wicked “girl power” style. Bringing in favorites like Whitney Houston “Queen of the Night,” No Doubt’s “Ex-Girlfriend,” and Fionna Apple’s “Criminal” in their Fashion Mix Tape alone. The live strings over Mia’s killer mixing skills are absolutely amazing and something different from what you would normally expect when seeing a DJ live. Not only that but the way Caitlin brings in the melody of the next track for Mia to transition into, kind of acting like deck #5, makes the mixes flawless.

Dance Music NewsThe Dolls don’t have too much music available however their soundcloud does offer a few gems like the Fashion Mix Tape (discussed above) and their remix of Katy Perry’s “Part of Me.” Despite the lack of available tracks, I am absolutely hooked on these girls and definitely a fan. Their cutting edge fun, girly, and witty style is fresh and their talent is undeniable. If you watch either of the clips I linked previously you will without a doubt become just as infatuated with The Dolls as I am!




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