Ranzh www.hammarica.com EDM News
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Ranzh www.hammarica.com EDM News


RANZH is a brand new artist on the Hammarica label. His debut ‘GO!‘ is a hard hitting, but melodic big room house anthem. Made for addiction and delivered to satisfy.

Before reaching the solid-produced, professional sound that GO! offers, Ranzh would use household items to make a drum set (laundry basket, hangers, books, pencils). He’d set it up in his room and play whenever he had the chance. (And when the neighbors were away). So we wanted to know a bit more about him:

Which is the brand of headphones you trust? And is there a specific model you really like?
I love AKG headphones. They are good-looking, good-sounding headphones that are perfect for DJing of studio work. I currently have the AKG K167 headphones designed by Tiesto. They are the most comfortable and high quality headphones I have owned. AKG headphones are very trustworthy.

Name us your favorite female DJ?
Dj Juicy M. Google her.

What is the most important thing record labels should do for their artists? Are they doing a good job with that?
I think the most important thing record labels should do is utilize their team to ensure artist progression. They’ve got marketing teams, press teams, radio pluggers, etc. In order to emerge as an artist, all these are a must. I have seen many artists emerge from support of record labels. I’m all for it.

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Tiesto should ________teach me
his ways.

How would you define success as a DJ? Is it a Beatport top 10 hit? A sold out tour? What are your thoughts on this?
To me, DJ success means performing live (touring) on a consistent basis.Nowadays, one must be a DJ/Producer to have a chance of success in the DJ world. A Beatport hit acts as a gateway to land some solid gigs. In my opinion, producing a hit track is a step in the right direction to DJ success.

What is your favorite beer?
Rickards White, and it has to be ice cold.

Do you care about social issues?
I’m a big supporter of Mental Illness Awareness. .Overall, society views mental illness as a weakness not a sickness. This stigma prevents people to come forward asking for help with their illness. Slowly, the walls and the stigma of mental illness are fading away through public awareness. Hopefully, this encourages people who need help to come forward, without feeling judged or discriminated.

If you could describe you music in three words, what would you call it?
Addictive; Energetic; Unexpected.

Ranzh www.hammarica.com EDM News

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?
My single ‘Go!’ on Hammarica. Definitely check it out!

Where can people find you online?

FB: www.facebook.com/ranzhofficial (free downloads)
TW: www.twitter.com/ranzhofficial
SC: www.soundcloud,com/ranzhofficial

Get free downloads and mash-ups at www.facebook.com/ranzhofficial under the free downloads tab. LIKE the page and share the music!



For press inquiries, please contact Wilf Libgott of www.hammarica.com | wilf@hammarica.com


FB – www.facebook.com/ranzhofficial (FREE DOWNLOADS)
G+ – www.google.com/+Ranzhofficialdj
SC – www.soundcloud.com/ranzhofficial
TW – www.twitter.com/ranzhofficial



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