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Sexy, primeval and powerful are adjectives used by fans of Denise Martello (professionally known as Twisted Dee) to describe her unique blend of tribal and progressive house music. Flawless mixing, soul-pounding basslines and dramatic drops and peaks draw crowds to the dance floor and keep them there.

“Times Gettin’ Hard,” featuring rapper K19, is a look inside the mind of an aspiring producer. Featuring ferocious bass lines, slamming kicks, and euphoric melodies, the track solidifies Dim Mak as a power player in the emerging North American hardstyle community. “Times Gettin’ Hard” will be featured on COONE’s upcoming full-length album, set for worldwide release this fall on Dim Mak Records in conjunction with COONE’s influential hardstyle/jumpstyle imprint Dirty Workz. With the full support of Steve Aoki and the whole Dim Mak crew, COONE will bring hardstyle to a new level. 

Always at the forefront of the ever-changing, global electronic music scene, Dim Mak Records has been an early adopter of the hardstyle sound, having worked with renowned artists Showtek and more. Hardstyle has remained a worldwide staple in EDM, currently influencing various producers and electronic sub-genres like house, trance, and techno. Artists and producers from every corner of the EDM spectrum are embracing the hardstyle sound beyond the amped beats per minute (BPM) count and are lifting the genre’s elements for their own productions, including hardstyle kicks, synths, and melodies. Already a massive movement across Europe and beyond, hardstyle is making major waves across North America, and Dim Mak leads the way with COONE.


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