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11 year old Jesus Hernandez, a big Marshmello fan from San Diego, CA is extremely angry at Deadmau5.

Jesus recently went on a YouTube watch binge to check out all the newest Marshmello songs and performances. Suddenly he was confronted by a suggested video from this dude called Deadmau5 of whom he never had heard of before in his life.

“Mom.. Mom..!!! this fool stole Marshmello’s DJ mask idea!”

Marshmello Deadmau5 Jesus Hernandez feud

The moment this Deadmau5 fella put on his sub par Marshmello-like DJ mask, Jesus erupted in a state of rage..

Jesus couldn’t believe it.. Why couldn’t this old geezer come up with his own ideas and why did he have to steal the idea of the DJ mask from his hero Marshmello??

The mask wasn’t even that great. It looked more like a Mickey Mouse head with some fancy lights than a plain white mask suggesting to be that of a marshmallow.

“Mom.. Mom..!!! this fool stole Marshmello DJ mask idea!” exclaimed the furious teenager from his modest bedroom studio.

Jesus then immediately took to Marshmello’s Twitter and posted a tweet to his account. Marshmello quite promptly liked the tweet, to which Jesus felt delighted.

Jesus: “Marshmello cares so much for his fans, including me.. So far he liked every single one of my tweets to him! Yes EVERY single one!

But he really needs to take care of this Deadmau5 guy.. in the legal sense.

It’s just not right..”

Will Marshmello take legal steps after receiving and liking Jesus’ tweet? Time will tell.

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