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Roland’s absolute mega classic, the TB 303 Bassline synthesizer has awed generations for generations.

The squelchy little synth had a rough start when it was initially released….. And more often than not was disposed of.

It wasn’t until a few years after it was discontinued that a new phenomenon popped up by the name of acid house.

The 303 was key to the sound of the genre, and needless to say, prices went sky high!!!

Roland wanted to jump in on its success and simply re-release it and sell out a little.

Little did they know, but oh boy, they picked the wrooooong engineer for the job!!

When Manashi Nakabaki started working on its re-release, there was a prototype within two years! Yes that’s right, newly disclosed documents show Roland had a prototype of the 303 ready in 1991.

Unfortunately, Nakabaki was so excited: he kept tweaking the design!!!

roland tb 303

His favorites to tweak were definitely the cut off and resonance knobs.

He almost never left his cubicle and everyday he came in he just kept on tweaking, and tweaking and tweaking…

MC 303, Aira and Boutique crews came and went, but to this very day, Nakabaki is still tweaking the unit. We heard there may be a release date for the actual TB 303 in five years from now. Well, if we’re lucky!

If you can’t wait for that, try Paul Barker’s Re-303. He had so many 303’s in his life, we believe he’s done tweaking now!

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