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You know the deal: those promoters who claim their party is always “one for the books.”

Now ask yourself: have you ever seen any one of their parties published in books? 

You answered correctly!!

People always tell me GREAT BOOKING! And I’m pretty sure they’re talking about the book, and not the DJ.

one for the books

Meet Yousseff Vanbilderwyk, a veteran promoter from Boston. He has hosted as many as 382 events. 20% of these parties – he claims – were “one for the books.”

Yousseff Vanbilderwyk: “I’ve been in this business for 7 years. Hosted so many events.

And people always tell me GREAT BOOKING! And I’m pretty sure they’re talking about the book, and not the DJ.

It’s because 20% of my parties are ‘for the books’ – weekly events where I feature random local DJs who also clean up the club for me afterwards.

We even have some ladies on the dancefloor sometimes. I swear: it ain’t just dudes at our parties, but admittedly, most are. I mean tech house right? right!????

Can’t wait for next week. We have Mary-Anne Jillersson on the bill and I expect 50 people.”


Very nice words from Mr. Vanbilderwyk and we do appreciate his enthusiasm. However, we sent our DJ Meg investigative team to the local library and we couldn’t find any books with any of Mr. Vanbilderwyk’s events.

Then we checked the state library. We even checked the national library.. NOTHING!

As a final try, we went to the World Library in Geneva. This library has every single book ever published in its collection. After 4.1 months of camping out inside and checking millions of books for clues on any of Mr. Vanbilderwyk’s events, we couldn’t find one single book that listed any one of Mr. Vanbilderwyk’s events.

Sounds familiar?

We repeated the process with a sampling of 100 promoters that claimed frequent events that were for the books.

Zero results.

Therefore, we’re sad to say that most parties claimed “One For The Books” never actually appear in any books.

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