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Celebrated Intelligent Dance Music artist Sergey Imalova was celebrated for years within the Intelligent Dance Music community as one of the best IDM producers/DJs.

His tracks that usually consisted of a few drum hits and atonal seemingly random synthesizer hits were lauded for its smart use of randomisation. Actually, to be fair, it sounded like nothing but the overdose of reverb & delay made it all worth it.

In an effort to show the supremacy of the genre compared to EDM genres such as dubstep (wubwobwob!) tech house (tick tock) bigroom house (brohouse) and riddim (whut?),  Imalova was invited to partake in an IQ test alongside 9 EDM producers.


The dubstep dude ended with an IQ score of 105, whereas the tech-house, bigroom house and trance guys had IQ’s of 120, 128 and 138 respectively.

Sad was the outcome for Imalova. His IQ score was at a disappointing 70.

When the news broke, his Facebook fans left at godspeed and he ended up being ridiculed by the Intelligent Dance Music community.

If only he had never done the damn IQ test, he would still stand in very high regard!

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