We recently did not catch up with Jay Tripwire, the famed tech house DJ from Canada. No not that kind of tech house and also not that kind of tech house but the good kind of tech house.

As we didn’t catch up with him, somehow miraculously we did kind of get his opinion on interviews. Especially those interviews where people catch up with him.


Jay Tripwire

JAY TRIPWIRE: “I always wonder why in an Interview they say ” lets catch up with ______” like you’re all old friends who go way back who haven’t seen each other in ages.

I once got interviewed and they used that term and I was like- “catch up motherfucker?”

I never met you before in my life, you think you are Richard Brophy from DJ mag or Dave Mothersole? I know them cats, not you, why you pretending like we are best friends and shit.” needless to say that interview did not go well or get published LOL.

That headline should read “Jay Tripwire is crazy as fuck” or “This guy is an opinionated nutjob, read why”