MARSHMELLO finally confirmed to be the man behind insanely popular DOTCOM.

DOTCOM, whose true identity had been a MASSIVE MYSTERY for years but whose name is Christian Comstock from Philadelphia is finally revealed to be MARSHMELLO.

DOTCOM had been a master at hiding who he really is by not wearing his Marshmello mask at most of his DJ Performances.



Indeed, had he worn the mask, it would be easy to argue Marshmello is the genius behind Christian Comstock.

But now new research has confirmed Marshmello is Chris.

They share the same birthday, have the same tattoo and even have the same uncle (Kim Dotcom.)

And most of all: after a recent gig, audience members saw Chris putting on his Marshmello mask to escape the venue anonymously.


At this point, we can safely say: The man behind Christian is MARSHMELLO, so he can finally wear his favorite mask and put this story to rest once and for all!