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A well known DJ from Mukilteo, WA whose name we’ve never heard of before but apparently is called Mason Smith is frustrated he’s not booked to headline the massive EDC Festival yet despite his 2 month long DJ career.

17 year old Mason Smith who is still four years too young to legally attend any nightclub in the US became fascinated with EDM 2.5 months ago.

After purchasing a $50 controller which he connected to his failing laptop he practiced for two weeks and then officially announced on Facebook to be a professional DJ.

So now he’s been an official DJ for two months and still has not been booked to headline EDC.





I think it’s ridiculous! I invested 50 dollars and two weeks of my time in this new career

Mason Smith: “I think it’s ridiculous! I invested 50 dollars and two weeks of my time in this new career, which is 20% of my entire net worth, and I still haven’t got the call from Pasquale. And I sent my demo mix no less than 5 days ago

I got the talent! I studied and practiced EDM for two weeks. And I’m a real musician. I don’t throw cakes, or stand on the DJ table. It’s just so unfair.

I have called off already 3 other bookings at the local bar just so that EDC wouldn’t conflict with my otherwise busy DJ schedule.

Pasquale doesn’t know what he’s missing. I’m planning to sign a deal with Spinnin’ Records two weeks from now so that means one month later I’m an internationally recognized DJ superstar. Officially that is

But hey, it’s their loss if they don’t want to book me.”

We can see how it’s unfair for Mason Smith not to have been booked to headline EDC yet. Especially after two months of being a professional DJ. Maybe when his first YouTube video hits the market in two weeks, Pasquale may have a change of heart.

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