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A DJ who posted 20 memes a day on social media ran out of memes and subsequently decided to end his career.

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DJ Jan van Meggelen, a 20 year DJ veteran from Belgium gained thousands of fans online by posting memes all the time.

Sometimes he would post a DJ mix, but the amount of likes on those were ten at best. This while likes on his memes reached in the thousands per meme.

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His memes were so successful, he even got a few bookings because of them.

Sadly, the 23rd of March 2017, Jan ran out of memes.

It was a very real moment and raw emotions captured the soul of Jan. As he ran out of memes, Jan realized there was no more merit for him and his DJ career.

The memes were his success.

His music not so much.

So… after talking with his wife, Jan abruptly decided to end his career.

It’s a good day for music, and a sad day for memes.

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