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Caked Up in trouble again?

Caked up has/have been accused of stealing boatloads of random shit. Such as Deadmau5 drops, sample drops, thievery, and even your grandmother’s toothbrush.

Well maybe not that.

But a lot.

There is a science behind the cake

caked up

An anonymous source by the name of Fred Vanderwall tells us: “After coming to the conclusion that show is more important than music, the former duo Oscar Wylde was drastically trying to improve their stage act.

After trying to copy Steve Aoki with throwing cakes, their cakes never really had the spectacular impact that any Aoki cake has.

You see, there is a science behind the cake. It needs to be solid enough to be able to throw in one piece, but the face-landing needs to be soft, messy and awesome. And Caked Up was never really able to get quite the right recipe.

So at a show where they were on the same bill as Aoki, they stole two cakes and reverse engineered the recipe in their studio.

After mastering it, they then proceeded and used Aoki’s signature cake recipe to throw at the fans.”

Caked Up’s management denies all the claims and tells us whoever whipped up this crazy story, it’s all fluff and nothing to it.

caked up

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