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What many already suspected is now confirmed by a national study conducted by the University of Boston: American teenagers dislike techno so much, they’d much rather listen to their parents.

Techno never had a really good run in the States. Whereas millions of people in Europe embrace the genre, the only bragging rights America has are its invention.

Yeah, techno originated in The States, but thereafter was quickly dismissed and exported to Europe.

3 decades later and the US finally discovered dance music, but not techno.

American teenagers

The dislike of the genre goes so far that most American teenagers say they’d rather listen to their parents than to techno.

They’d rather forfeit on all the drugs, unsafe sex, and have a 100% clean rap sheet than to listen to 12 hours of non-stop monotone music somewhere in an abandoned car factory.

In that sense, there is still hope for the new generation!

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