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Long suspected acid house producer Alex Jones has now confirmed all the rumors.

Alex Jones who is in the midst of a nasty custody battle with his ex-wife is trying his very best to convince the judge in his case the screaming on his famed Infowars show is merely ‘performance art.’

The only thing screaming in my home is my collection of Roland TB 303 distortion pedals!!

Alex Jones Infowars acid house


In a statement he gave through his lawyer he explained: “The only thing screaming in my home is my collection of TB 303 distortion pedals

Yes it’s true I often scream on my show and that may not be the best environment for kids, but it’s performance art and I don’t do that at home. Never! 

At home I am a quiet homebody who prefers tea over bottles of strong whiskey while I’m nudging around with my collection of silver boxes.”

Alex Jones’ ex-wife already made a claim on his entire collection of vintage synthesizer gear.

Alex Jones Acid House


Ever since a video came out with Alex Jones standing in front of a stack of acid house production gear rumors ran wild over his purported side gig as an acid house producer.

It’s still not very clear under which aliases he produces, but it is likely it will be reported in the filings for his divorce.

Alex Jones TB 303 TR 808

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