20 years after he chose Maxi Priest to tell the world he is a DJ, God is really frustrated with his booking agent. Rumors are he’s about to dump him.

Initially when Faithless released the iconic song, God was convinced the bookings would fly in. But after securing a booking agency to represent him, he was disappointed to see no bookings come his way.

At all.

God can be a grumpy dude and his ire grew over the years.


It’s not that he did his social media wrong. To the contrary, God is a very popular fella on both Facebook and Twitter. He launched his pages in 2011 and ever since his fans can’t get enough of him.

That made God especially pissed off because “WHERE ARE THE f##### BOOKINGS?”

Yes, in his rage, God first gave us EDM. And when that was not enough, he gave us Trump.

Still no bookings.

So the only thing left now is God dumping his agent.

After EDM and Trump, we hope God will treat us kindly.

Perhaps he can find an agent that finally can give him the headliner slots he’s craved for so long.

Good luck God!

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