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Steve Aoki

ELECTRIC ZOO, New York’s most favorite festival fell victim to a massive flood and was canceled. As ravers were trying to escape the Armageddon, Steve Aoki could finally explain why he always carries a raft around. It’s strictly for safety measures.

As a true hero, he stage dived his raft to save raver after raver.

Melissa Gonzalez: “It was crazy. At first we thought the water from the heavens was just another show element. A new SPECTACULAR act by Steve Aoki. Yet, after four minutes of intense cloudburst which contained no vodka, we realized it was not part of the show. Steve Aoki immediately jumped his raft and saved hundreds of ravers”

The first two days of EZ were a massive success. Brilliant sets by people like Josh Wink and a massive crowd made this weekend unforgettable. We look forward to a better run next year where all three days of EZ will run without any problems.

The live stream grew to new proportions this year.

electric zoo live stream



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