CHARLIE FRANK, a successful EDM DJ from Breda whose entire 20 year career as a producer/DJ is based on one loop is now earning more from highly paid consultancy work for recycling companies than he does with his lucrative DJ career.

Frank who is signed to such labels as Winnin’ Records, Musical Apathy and Dim Trak has been gracing the main stages of every major festival together with the same other nine bland DJs for two decades. He easily gets USD 200,000 a gig and has fans all around the globe.


All his success stems from the one one-bar loop that goes a little something like this: tatata tatata taaa ta taa.

That’s it.

I mean it’s pretty genius in a sense.



He’s been milking this one loop for all his tracks and releases and taught all his other EDM DJ buddies to do the same.

His fans just can’t get enough of it!
His success did not go unnoticed.


Charlie Frank is now hailed as the to-go-to guru in the recycling business. 

As a highly paid recycling company consultant, he flies the world over to explain to executives how the same shit can be used over and over again.

And he’s getting standing ovations in the world’s biggest convention centers.

Asked if he prefers the DJ- or the recycling world he said: “I don’t really care. it’s basically the same shit..”

Image by Image by typographyimages on Pixabay