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This is one of those stories that remind you to always make back ups – And if you don’t, to keep your laptop on your body. Anyway, Asylum had a little problem here and we at Hammarica expect you to help him out if you know/see anything!

“Wow.. the last few days have literally been the definition of up and down. After two days of travelling and many air miles I played in Brooklyn Friday night in the middle of a tropical storm.. had such an amazing time at Subverse – until after the show – a cab driver took off with my bag before I had got into the cab. Still not sure if this was intentional (whether he knew my bag was in there) – but it was a white Lincoln Towncar, a legit cab.. Inside the bag was my laptop (2011 Macbook Pro, covered in stickers) – full of all my music, unfinished tunes, samples.. the lot – the majority of which isn’t backed up (don’t even..). My wallet with quite a bit of cash and a few other bits and pieces were in there – but the laptop is all I really care about. There are tracks on there I was on the verge of finishing – stuff I played on Rinse – that I’m not sure what I can do about now. I am staying optimistc but am obviously pretty devastated! The cops are checking CCTV, we are calling the cab companies and doing whatever else we can, but in case anyone can help I wanted to create a status that as many of you can share as possible. Is there a chance anyone else from the club got in the cab when I wasn’t looking? I will offer a substantial reward to anyone who leads me to my laptop! I just want my music back!”



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